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Headquartered in Hong Kong, CTC is a professional localization service provider that helps global enterprises succeed across cultures, increase the international market share and expedite adoption of products in the local markets worldwide. We deliver professional multilingual translation solutions with more than 15 years of knowledge and experience. At CTC, we’re aware that only the in-country translators, the native speakers of the target languages, can truly localize a product. With an extensive worldwide network of professional in-country linguists, effective project management and excellent engineering capacities, we are capable of providing both quality and affordable translation services in more than 80 languages for a wide variety of industries. We seek continuous improvement to meet and exceed expectations and have a proven track record of handling multilingual translation projects of all sizes. CTC is committed to providing the highest quality and tailored language services and is a one-stop solution for any organization seeking superior and specialized translations at highly competitive rates.
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